Monday, April 4, 2011

Slice of Life

New house in Playa Pelada - I've never been so excited to have a washing machine and a full kitchen!
This is where I attempt to read my Spanish version of Harry Potter, but I usually fall asleep after two sentences.
My room! Not sure why I have three beds - I might pay for rent by turning it into a mini hostel.
Our neighborhood lane.
Sometimes I hitchhike, sometimes I carpool, and sometimes I ride Betsy.
Our house is about a 30 minute bike ride from town, and I always pass this deserted hotel on my way.
Shortcut pathway through the beach, but it only saves time at low tide. Yes, I speak from experience.
Playa Guiones
Surf Competition was in town today. I didn't enter because I wanted to give the locals a chance :) Ok, that's a lie - yesterday a random guy on the beach watched me ride a wave in and he asked me if it was my first time. I wanted to karate chop his neck and yell, "ACTUALLY, I've been working on it for 2 months thank you very much!" But I just smiled and nodded.
Entry into the Harmony Hotel, the path on the right leads to the Healing Centre.
Treatment rooms for the Healing Centre where I work as a Pranassage Practitioner.
This is where I teach yoga at the Nosara Yoga Institute - Treetops Studio.
During class you can see and hear the howler monkeys all around, and there's usually an iguana clambering around on the roof.
Such a beautiful place to practice!
Inner Quest graduation night! This is Roger - amazing person, and an amazing voice (we sang together for part of the ceremony).
One of my favorite people ever! Dominique - such a beautiful spirit from New York. For the graduation ceremony, the students present each other with their certificates and Dom drew my name.