Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let Your Yoga Dance

I just finished a two week certification called, "Let Your Yoga Dance!" I had such a great time with everyone in my class, the teachers were amazing, and I can't wait to bring this blend of yoga and dance back to the state of Washington...
Me and Emily, a fellow yoga dancer from New York City.

Yoga Dance Final: co-leading an hour long yoga dance class.

Yoga Dance Graduation Ceremony around a beautiful garden fountain.

The originator of Let Your Yoga Dance, Megha, who led our classes and is a powerhouse of love and energy.

One of my favorite people in the class, Kathleen. Even though she is 70, she kept me young with her zest for life.

Another favorite, Karuna - she was my co-leader for the dance final.

Chariots of Fire

*Credit to my personal photographer, Maggie, for this photo :)
This last week I started running on the beach at sunset, and while my feet played tag with the incoming waves the opening scene for the movie Chariots of Fire came into my head - a group of British athletes are training for the Olympics by running through shallow ocean water to the melody of the well-known soundtrack. The main character, Eric Liddell, says at one point in the movie that when he runs he can "feel God's pleasure." I tried to picture myself in a similar movie scene and it just made me laugh...I'm not a very graceful runner, and I think that most of the time I probably have a pained expression on my face that says something along the lines of, "Am I done yet?" (one of the main things that keeps me moving up a long hill or through deep sand is a conversation in my head about how I will reward myself when I finish five miles, "Chocolate croissant? Or white chocolate brownie? Probably a cappuccino, and actually the croissants are small. Perhaps I should just have both.")

Although I will probably never relate to a deep love for running, when I stretch myself into yoga poses I feel grounded, graceful, and grateful for the strength that I have been given...and I feel His pleasure.