Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mi casa en Nosara

Our bungalow! No extremely large cockroaches or insects so far...

The path to our schools from Cafe de Paris (about 15 minutes on foot). Possible friction in our relationship: Maggie is a power-walker, and I am not.

Maggie's spanish school - her schedule is 8-12, Monday thru Friday.

The pool we get to sit by every day:

My school - my schedule is a little more demanding than Maggie's: I start at 6AM and and the last class ends at 9PM. Me: "I wonder if the early morning classes are optional..." Maggie: "I wonder if you'll actually make enough of them to graduate."

Me at the gate of the Yoga Institute. I think that the coffee cup is almost a symbolic part of this pose.

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  1. you are so stunning!!!! love u! p.s. side note to maggies power walking.... have you seen the length of her legs??? xoxoxo hehe