Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mi mama tica

While I’m in class working on vinyasa flow every day during the best hours of sun, Maggie is either on the beach or poolside working on a tan that currently rivals the shade of the locals. We celebrated with ice cream this week after we sat with “the cool kids” at sunset – one scoop of coconut and one of Mayan chocolate (almost representative of the difference in our skin tone when we stand next to each other). As we walked home from the beach, we realized that it takes us almost twice as long as it used to because we make so many stops to say hello to new friends along the way. We love feeling like a part of the community.
Last night at the end of practice we closed our eyes for a few minutes to bring our focus to something in our lives that we were grateful for, and as several small fragments of happenings on this trip came to my mind I realized how much gratitude I have for my roommate, Maggie. Her catchphrases like “Que pasa, calabaza?” (What’s up pumpkin?) and nicknames (our server at Café de Paris, Manuel, is now ‘Mannie’) that she distributes wherever we go always make people laugh and remember us. She has a voice of reason that helps me look before I leap and one of comedic commentary that can diffuse any situation, and she helps me wake up in the small hours of the morning when I’m about to sleep through my alarm and miss class. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a multi-faceted wingman…but I’m glad that I do.


  1. Oh Maggie, we're thankful for you!

  2. good use of "multi-faceted" love it!!! love u xoxox <3